System-level video surveillance and threat detection solutions that maximize site security and operational continuity

Airports. Marine ports. Critical infrastructure sites. Sports stadiums and other large, complex public gathering places. Each of these environments poses unique security challenges, yet one constant remains: the need to proactively protect people, property, and the operational viability of the site itself against a wide array of potential security threats.

Pixel Velocity has leveraged decades of experience in the defense industry to create the world’s first end-to-end video surveillance system specifically optimized to provide high-definition, synchronized multi-camera video and highly reliable, automated wide-area threat detection over large, complex sites.

The Pixel Video Fusion System creates a paradigm shift in video surveillance - a 'no compromises' approach to situational awareness that simultaneously delivers wide-area, contiguous high-definition coverage and detail and coordinated video analytics operating across multiple cameras. Always the right level of detail when it's needed most, delivering maximum surveillance information value to help organizations prevent, respond to, investigate, and conclusively resolve security incidents.

When the physical infrastructure to protect is strategic to your operation, the video surveillance infrastructure of choice is Pixel Velocity.