Enhancing Field Force Efficiency Through Digital Operations Software

Event Velocity (EV) digital operations software helps operators manage energy assets and safeguard against operational and environmental incidents via virtual site inspections and intelligent workflows. EV can help you maximize operations, share critical data, keep your enterprise operating with greater efficiency, decrease response times and improve safety. Benefits of digitizing operations include:

  • Increased productivity for operations personnel resulting in lower production costs
  • Minimized production downtime resulting in increased revenue
  • Reduced health, safety and environmental (HS&E) resulting in reduced risk exposure

EV enables operators to remotely tour a site with video and audio on demand, on a schedule or driven by an event on site (i.e. SCADA).  Key features include:

  • Open standard platform facilitates integration with existing business systems
  • Asset centric hierarchy that is easy to navigate by region, site, asset
  • Intelligent workflows integrating multiple media streams and operator actions
  • Map based user interface provides operator instant context to video, audio and sensor data
  • Integrated Video Management System (VMS) at no additional cost
  • Intelligent on demand transports enable low bandwidth consumption ensuring performance of critical systems are not impacted
  • OPC interface enables SCADA driven event monitoring
  • Hardware agnostic allowing customers to choose their own devices and appliances
  • Flexible edge based architecture designed to scale from one site to thousands with minimal network impact
  • Import and store hand held sensor data to enable an asset centric repository of inspection data