Enhancing the Value of Industrial Assets and Infrastructure

Event Velocity (EV) connects people and processes with devices, machines and instruments. Global competitiveness means doing more, doing it better, and doing it at a lower cost. Pixel Velocity delivers a digital solution that connects site operations with automation controls, opening the door to the bottom line precision of today’s manufacturing best practices.

Continuous, real-time visualization, with automated workflow prompts adds tremendous scale to operations. EV transforms the management of facilities, assets and infrastructure to close costly gaps and shorten response cycles. Features include:

  • Open standard platform facilitates integration with existing business systems
  • Asset centric hierarchy that is easy to navigate by region, site, asset
  • Intelligent workflows integrating multiple media streams and  operator actions
  • Map based user interface provides operator instant context to video, audio, and sensor data
  • Integrated Video Management System (VMS) at no additional cost
  • Intelligent on demand transports enables low bandwidth consumption ensuring existing systems are not impacted
  • OPC interface enables SCADA driven event monitoring
  • Hardware agnostic allowing customers to choose their own devices and appliances
  • Flexible edge based architecture designed to scale from one site to thousands with minimal network impact