Automated Monitoring of Industrial Assets and Infrastructure

Pixel Velocity’s visualization and event management solutions connect people and processes with devices, machines and instruments.

Global competitiveness means doing more, doing it better, and doing it at a lower cost. Pixel Velocity delivers a visualization solution that connects site operations with automation controls, opening the door to the bottom line precision of today’s manufacturing best practices. Pixel Velocity platforms connect all types of industrial operations within sites and across sites, bringing distributable remote visualization up to a global scale.

The world economy is adopting automation to manage production and operations in an increasingly complex infrastructure; communications, transportation, energy, safety and the environment are key areas where top performance is always expected.

Continuous, real-time visualization, with automated decision point prompts, metadata capture and workflow packaging adds tremendous personnel scale to operations. Pixel Velocity solutions transform and distribute the central management of activity at remote facilities, remote systems within infrastructure, and remote surrounding areas to close costly gaps and shorten response cycles.

  • Remote visual assessment including 3D model-based analytics and multi-sensor composite panoramic view of the environment.
  • High-definition time and spatially synchronized sensors (patented).
  • 3D cross-sensor tracking that enables continuous target monitoring.
  • Condition-based remote site management supported by searchable and actionable alerts.
  • Geospatial zone rule creation and physical measurements for highly reliable and customizable real-time remote site performance analytics.
  • Map view to provide instant context and animated map view feature.
  • Automated generation and packaging of high value detailed precision image metadata streams for deep, real-time industrial analytics and post-event engineering and analysis.
  • Multi-sensor Input Edge Analytic Fusion (i.e., RFID, Access Control, Fire, Safety, Acoustic, Olfactory, etc.).
  • Field upgradeable FPGA technology for extremely long sustainment cycles, ideally suited to large asset fleets.