Event Velocity® Enhances Productivity
Event Velocity starts where solutions that improve productivity of machines stop. Event Velocity enhances field force efficiency by becoming your digital operator. We combine machine, historian, audio, video, sensor and location data streams to digitize your operations.

Key Features

Virtual Site Visits
Remote access to video, audio and machine data allows operators to virtually visit a site on demand or when triggered by a user defined operational event.

SCADA Integration
Event Velocity ingests OPC feeds to read SCADA data and drive video, audio and operator workflows.

Event Management
Notifications can be sent to the Event Velocity web client, email, or mobile devices. Notifications can be generated from any IP enabled sensor or from integration with other systems (such as SCADA). All interactions with an alert are logged allowing review and process improvement.

Intelligent Workflows
Workflows integrate multiple media stream and operations actions enabling Event Velocity to guide operators through a step by step process. Each step can optionally include a link into a 3rd party web application creating valued integration and data sharing opportunities. All actions are searchable and logged.

3rd Party Systems
Event Velocity’s API is designed to easily accept and share data with other systems.

When implementing Event Velocity at multiple sites, decision makers can maintain seamless situational awareness on a regional or global scale.

Event Velocity is designed to provide a return on investment by improving operational productivity to include field force efficiency, reduced downtime and reduced risk exposure.