Founded in 2001, Pixel Velocity has spent sixteen years protecting and enhancing the value of our country’s most important assets. Our team is made up of industrial controls and critical infrastructure technology innovators that decided software could create immediate definitive value and that it could be simple to buy and use. That mindset lead to the creation of Event Velocity, a software platform designed to optimize digital operations by improving the collaboration between people and machines.

When Pixel Velocity created Event Velocity, we embraced simplicity, value, transparency and customer affinity. The result is a software platform unlike anything else available on the market. We removed the complexities of purchasing software by rejecting costly and confusing licensing and pricing constructs typical in the software business. We built a software product that delivers instantaneous payback to our customers. A software product that translates clean real-time data into immediate knowledge. Data that increases operational precision.

Enhancing the value of critical assets is Pixel Velocity’s business. Event Velocity delivers on that promise.