Digitizing Field Service in the Oil and Gas Industry

Remote oil and gas assets are largely managed through routine site visits by operators who drive company-owned vehicles on scheduled routes at scheduled frequencies. This is inefficient, expensive, and wasteful. Many sites do not need routine visits. Events that require attention may not occur when an operator is on site. The cost of visiting low-producing sites routinely may mean the difference between profit and loss. Windshield time is a significant safety hazard. Production is rising, but low unemployment rates are making it harder to find qualified operators. There is a better way.

Event Velocity software is a scalable edge computing IoT solution that supports efficient field personnel deployment over thousands of sites through event-driven dispatching. Data from video, infrared, and audio sensors are correlated with SCADA data in a single environment. Alerts activate cameras and microphones that focus on the asset that generated the alert. Operators can initiate a workflow to view and listen to the asset in real time to determine if the problem is transient, can be managed remotely, or requires a site visit. Workflows can be saved and exported. The net effect of this is fewer site visits, higher production without adding operators, and improved safety.

Event Velocity also can be scheduled to perform periodic virtual tours, or operators can choose an asset to view at any time. The solution is designed for efficient use of computing power and bandwidth, creating minimal network impact. Exception reporting enables attention to be focused on repeatedly problematic sites.

Benefits include more insight in less time, event-driven dispatching, fewer unproductive site visits, and early remote identification of safety issues. Event Velocity can extend asset profitability and elevate safety to new levels.

Today’s volatile oil prices and global competition are placing companies under enormous pressure to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while continuing to increase production. Labor shortages are stretching field service staffs. Scaling field service operations with an IoT edge computing solution like Event Velocity is one way to scale operations and to support best practices, such as dynamic route optimization and condition-based maintenance, while dramatically improving remote asset management, operator safety and margins.