Remote video monitoring is needed in the oil and gas industry to reduce windshield time, improve safety, and scale worker productivity. However, some solutions require video to be streamed to the cloud or a data center. Is that the best solution? No.

Live streaming video to the cloud may seem to be an appealing choice, until you look at its drawbacks.

The bandwidth required to live stream video is greater than for any other application and usually isn’t available in remote oilfield locations. Video will crowd out other uses, breach data plan caps, and result in throttling or surcharges. Live streaming may require an open port into your network. Live streaming is not a scalable solution.

Risks of Live Streaming

Streaming video and storing massive amounts of data to another organization’s cloud puts your data under their control.

Why Live Stream Video Anyway?

Over 95% of video shows nothing because nothing happened. Why pay to stream inert video over bandwidth? Why pay to store it?

Pictured: An oil drill in a remote oilfield where video streaming data could be compromised.

Do you really need to live stream video from here?

Edge Computing is Better for Remote Applications

Event Velocity Intelligent Monitoring Software

Remote video monitoring with Event Velocity edge computing offers much more than live streaming:

  • 24/7 eyes and ears on site
  • Detect gas or liquid leaks
  • Optimized to manage video storage and transmission from remote locations
  • View and respond to sensor alerts remotely
  • Integrates with any IIoT sensor, displays, correlates, and alerts for video, audio, infrared, thermal, and optical gas imaging and industrial controls
  • Optimize workforce deployment and reduce windshield time
  • Remotely measure tank levels

Manages Bandwidth

  • Assesses video at the edge
  • Sends only alerts and clips
  • Costs less to send and store

Control Data and Cybersecurity

Edge computing keeps video under your control. In edge computing video is managed, stored, and cleared on site instead of being live streamed.

Mobile Access

24-hour monitoring in your pocket

This is an image of 2 smartphones remote streaming video from an oilfield. The data could be shared within the network and be compromised.