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More production, less time on the road.

Pressure to generate profits

Every oil and gas producer has the same problem: how to generate profits and investor returns in an environment of volatile commodity prices. You work relentlessly to optimize production from your assets while simultaneously balancing costs, improving workforce conditions, and expanding operations. The margin between generating satisfactory returns and underperformance is narrow.

What inhibits optimal performance?

  • Low labor productivity, due to:

    A shortage of skilled workers
    Extensive driving time, putting people in the wrong place at the wrong time
    False alerts that lead to more unnecessary road travel

  • Inability to gather and analyze data to improve productivity
  • Hazardous environments, which leak product and create environmental and safety problems.

Reduce Risk. Reduce cost. Increase productivity.

Pixel Velocity’s event monitoring software helps producers by enabling operators to monitor assets remotely. By re-allocating time and resources that were once lost to road travel, companies see a larger return on investment and improved productivity. Some of the most noticeable differences in day to day operations include:

  • Production expansion with the same workforce
  • Reduced costs from equipment monitoring and critical failures
  • Reduced safety risks from windshield time
  • Improved worker safety conditions
  • Improved analytical capabilities
  • Having workers in the right place at the right time.

How does Event Velocity help you?

When oil and field operators have direct access to video, audio, and machine data, they are able to pinpoint specific problems and address them as needed. This enables them to decide when it’s absolutely necessary to visit a site and what to look for when they arrive. We will deploy our software to satisfy your use cases, including:

  • Perimeter security and exclusion zone enforcement
  • Arrival and departure of trucks
  • Tank levels before and after loading
  • Activating cameras to record video and audio of each SCADA alert
  • Tailored alarms to notify operators when to view an alert and initiate a workflow
  • Data analysis for predictive maintenance
  • Remote leak detection
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