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Yes, you can be everywhere at once.

You can be more responsive

Energy and utilities are mission critical infrastructure. Operators need to know about risks that require attention and to detect and respond to any production interruption or perimeter breach. Fast. They need to know what happened, and where, so they can rapidly assess and respond.

Standalone monitoring systems have shortcomings:

  • Alarm fatigue
  • Relevant alert oversite
  • Lack of correlation from different sensors
  • Weathering
  • Power outages
  • Water damage
  • Animal interference
  • Weak or broken power lines

Pattern recognition stops alarm fatigue

Event Velocity unifies data from multiple sensors to enable pattern recognition to be applied, reducing alerts. We can let you know if conditions have changed or unique events have occurred. Operators can stop sifting through hundreds of routine notifications and alarms and focus on key ones. Event Velocity pattern recognition focuses attention when and where it is needed, reducing alarm fatigue.

Teams can easily find specific problem areas that require immediate attention in real time, enabling them to act fast.

Event Velocity features make a difference:

  • Integrates multiple sensors into one operating environment
  • Distinguishes meaningful activity from background motion
  • Reduces alarms and alarm fatigue
  • Pinpoints exact locations where damage might have occurred
  • Monitors signals where interference might be taking place

Event Velocity Features of particular value for Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utility managers can’t be twelve places at once, but technology can. When you use our software, you’ll be able to identify trouble before it affects operations. Our tool kit includes:

  • Tailored alarms
  • Comprehensive operational insights
  • Integration of multiple sensors to correlate events
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