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Event Velocity vs Other Approaches

Event Velocity is a breakthrough for companies looking to reduce the cost and complexity of managing remote or hazardous assets. There are other options out there, so we’ve laid out the pros and cons of each, and how Event Velocity is a clearly superior solution that gives you maximum site knowledge at a lower cost than many alternatives. Furthermore it’s flexible and scalable to grow as you grow and as technology evolves. This table should help clarify the choice.

SCADA systems providers Remote Monitoring Solutions Video Management Systems (VMS) Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Event Velocity
What is it? An industrial control system of hardware and software for monitoring remote sensors. Bundled third party software, hardware and services. Software on top of a security camera system. Collects, records, stores, displays video. Security-focused software. Integrates multiple security applications and devices. A software platform that can integrate all of your existing systems into a single monitoring system and user interface.
Advantages Very widely deployed. One-stop-shop for solution. Inexpensive, feature-rich. Video only. Library of integrated systems and third party technology. A single user interface with a total view of operations. Enables more field work automation. Pattern recognition to avoid alarm fatigue, review and rewind, more. Cost effective, and minimally disruptive. Keep the infrastructure you have and build a layer over it.
Disadvantages Each sensor type needs to be monitored individually. No audio or video. No customization; Uses their hardware. 3rd party monitoring service. You don’t have access to that data. Limited to security; no SCADA, no workflows. Bandwidth requirements limit scaling. Expensive licensing and services model. Limited to security control systems. No SCADA or other sensor information. None. All you need is to get started. info@pixel-velocity.com.
The Event Velocity Advantage EV adds video, audio and geospatial data to SCADA – to create a richer view of operations. It integrates all the data in one dashboard. Less expensive, tailored to meet your unique operational requirements. It also scales and expands as new sensor types and operations come on line. Highly scalable; edge-computing intelligently manages bandwidth; Collects and displays info from all sensor types – video, SCADA, audio, geospatial, more. The integrated platform features of a PSIM plus the ability to add SCADA, geospatial, leak detection, more, for a comprehensive operations solution. Understand field conditions better than anything else.
It’s like being there, even when you aren’t. Integrated view across all data types.
Review and rewind.