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Event Velocity is a software system that integrates data from multiple sensor types. It is a “super-view” of the situation.

What is Event Velocity?

Event Velocity is a digital operations software platform that integrates and displays data from video, infrared, audio, industrial controls, and other IIoT sensors to automate the monitoring and management of remote and hazardous assets. Event Velocity is optimized to operate in edge computing environments where bandwidth is scarce, yet provides real-time 24/7 monitoring – even in the dark.

Immediate Operational Benefits

Event Velocity software enables operators to view, monitor and manage remote and hazardous operating assets from a central location or mobile device.

  • Replace routine site visits with event-driven visits or scheduled virtual tours
  • Visualize and respond to alerts in real-time
  • Record responses to events with automated workflows that cycle operators through predetermined questions

Example use cases:

  • Remotely monitor personnel and vendors on site
  • Identify perimeter breaches or unauthorized access of prohibited areas in real-time
  • View equipment that is generating SCADA alarms in real-time
  • Detect malfunctioning equipment by sound
  • Measure tank levels remotely before and after loading
  • Identify hazardous hydrocarbon leaks remotely in real time
  • Dispatch prepared, targeted teams in response to alerts
  • Manage remote and hazardous assets through Continuous Intelligent Monitoring

With unemployment at record lows, a generation of field workers retiring, and production at record highs, it’s hard to find enough people to cover existing sites, much less plan for growth. Event Velocity can help.

Operation Optimization

Automating field operations helps increase production without increasing costs at the same rate – uncoupling cost inflation from increased production.

Sensor data can be analyzed by data scientists to pinpoint operational insights that improve performance, safety, and profitability:

  • Correlate alerts from multiple systems to reduce false alerts and alarm fatigue
  • Uncover ways to improve production


  • On demand | Perform exception based and on demand monitoring of critical assets.

  • On a schedule | Set up and review virtual automated tours of your assets on your schedule.

  • Event-driven | Trigger synchronized virtual tours based on operator-defined events.

  • Event Management | Notifications generated from any IP enabled sensor or from an integration with a third-party system can be sent to the Event Velocity web client, email, or mobile devices.

  • Real-time Imagery Analytics | Integrated into advanced event management and response protocols that shorten response cycles and provide enterprise-wide intelligence.
  • Leak Detection | Automatically detect and visualize gas leaks invisible to the naked eye.

  • Event-Driven Alerts | Temperature fluctuation and zone-based alerting.
  • Integrated Video Management System | Enables video streaming, storage and retrieval at no additional cost.

  • Asset Centric Hierarchy | Enables intuitive navigation by region, site, asset and equipment.
  • Open Standard Platform | Facilitates integration with existing business and operations systems.
  • Intelligent Workflows | Integrating multiple media streams and operator actions enabling Event Velocity to guide operators through a step by step process. All actions are logged and searchable.
  • Map Based User Interface | Provides operator instant context to video, audio and other sensor information.
  • Intelligent On Demand Transports | Enables low bandwidth data consumption ensuring existing systems are not impacted.
  • Import and Store | Hand held sensor and video data to enable an asset centric repository of inspection data.
  • Hardware Agnostic | Allows customers to utilize existing infrastructure and choose their own devices and appliances.
  • Flexible Edge Based Architecture | Designed to scale from one site to thousands with minimal network impact.
  • Scalability | Event Velocity enables decision makers to maintain seamless situational awareness on a local, regional or global scale.