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Get the monitoring system you really want.

How do I get Event Velocity?

You can start by contacting us at the email or phone number at the bottom of this page.

Then what?

  • We’ll ask you for some information about your use cases and the remote or hazardous sites you want to use Event Velocity to manage.
  • Working with one of our systems integrator partners, we’ll help you develop site schematics, equipment lists, and costs.

Will you help me with internal presentations?

Absolutely. Enrolling people across your company in the project will be critical to success.

How long does the process take?

  • A typical Event Velocity purchase involves development of a custom site design, quote, your typical procurement process, execution of a software license, installation and training.
  • Depending on how prepared you are, it can take as little as one week to specify a site design and prepare a quote.
  • Acquiring the equipment takes a normal purchase cycle.
  • Installing the communications network, cameras, microphones, and servers is a normal commissioning process that depends on the number and type of equipment and the number of sites being installed.
  • Once the configuration has been determined, adding more sites to the automated intelligence network can accelerate, though you should expect the total project to take a few months to deploy, depending on the number of sites.

When do we start to receive the benefits of Event Velocity?

  • Many use cases see immediate benefits at the sites installed, particularly a reduction in routine site visits by using video, infrared, and audio for monitoring and management.
  • Making full use of analytics—some people call it artificial intelligence or big data or machine learning—will require larger data sets from your operations that will take time to acquire and will have more validity when more sites are deployed.
  • We’ll work with your data analytics staff to develop operational intelligence to improve productivity.